International Society of Coaching

The International Society of Coaching is a european non-profit organization made up of the main Trainer, Mentor and Coach societies from different countries in the world to encourage our profession within the framework of the best global standards of professional quality.

What is our mission?


Our mission is focused on the students of our associated partners who can be trained in our courses in order to develop the necessary professional skills to certify and accredit their high quality standards in Ontological Coaching, Neurolinguistic Programming, Bioemotional Programming, Mentoring and Training.

What is our vision?

Our vision is that professional coaches that are graduated, certificated and accredited by our institution, don’t only become highly competent professionals in the study of a complete career line, but also to become great worldwide leaders that encourage the practice of coaching, mentoring and training towards the realization of business and/or social entrepreneurship projects that generate an evolutionary advance in our behavioral, emotional and mental health.

Our Goals 2035








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